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  • Cover
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Primer
  • Chapter 1
    • The Patmos Vision
  • Chapters 2-3
    • The Spirit's Message to Ephesus
    • The Spirit's Message to Smyrna
    • The Spirit's Message to Pergamos
    • The Letter to Thyatira
    • The Spirit's Message to Sardis
    • The Spirit's Message to Philadelphia
    • The Spirit's Message to Laodicea
  • Chapter 4
    • The Throne of Jesus in Heaven
    • The Gathering Around the Throne
    • The Four Beasts
    • Addendum to Chapter Four
  • Chapter 5
    • "The Seven Sealed Book"
  • Chapter 6
    • "The Opening of the Seven Seals"
  • Chapter 7
    • "Israel's Remnant Sealed"
  • Chapters 8-9
    • "Introduction to the Seventh Seal, Seven Angels"
    • "Seven Trumpets"
    • "The First & Second Trumpets"
    • "The Third Trumpet"
    • "The Fourth Trumpet"
    • "The Fifth Trumpet"
    • "The Sixth Trumpet"
  • Chapter 10
    • "The Mighty Angel-The Little Scroll"
  • Chapter 11
    • "Israel's Spiritual Life"
  • Chapter 12
    • "Israel's Persecution, The Seven Personages"
    • "The Woman"
    • "Satan"
    • "The Child"
    • "The Archangel"
    • "Israel and Satan in the Tribulation"
    • "The Jewish Remnant"
  • Chapter 13
    • "The Beast and 666"
  • Chapter 14
    • "The Lamb and the 144,000"
  • Chapter 15
    • "The Seven Last Plagues, The Seven Bowl Judgments"
  • Chapter 16
    • "The Seven Bowls of the Wrath of God"
  • Chapter 17
    • "Babylon the Great Harlot"
  • Chapter 18
    • "The Fall of Babylon"
  • Chapter 19
    • Heaven Rejoices Over the Judgment of Babylon
    • Marriage of the Lamb
    • The Conqueror and His Army Described
    • The Great Supper of Almighty God, The Battle of Armageddon
    • The Total Overthrow of the Beast, False Prophet, Kings and Their Armies
  • Chapter 20
    • Satan Bound and Placed in Prison for 1000 Years
    • The Reign of Christ During the Millennium
    • Satan Loosed for a Season, Satan's End
    • The Great White Throne
  • Chapter 21
    • The Beautiful Promise
    • The Lamb's Wife, The New Jerusalem
  • Chapter 22
    • The River of the Water of Life
    • The Bible's Last Message
    • A Solemn Warning
    • The Last Promise and the Last Prayer of the Bible
    • Closing Remarks
    • Bibliography



The Book of Revelation is the culmination of Bible prophecy—the point at which all the prophecies of the ages converge and find their ultimate fulfillment. Revelation discloses the future of the Jew, Gentile, and the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Within it's pages are specific details concerning the Saviour's return, the establishment of His Millennial kingdom and, finally, the eternal state of both the saved and the lost.

The word revelation comes from the Greek apokalupsis, meaning "an uncovering or unveiling." For this reason, the Book of Revelation is also know as the Apocalypse. In either case, the definition reflects the fact that God has made known to mankind those eternal, supernatural truths and realities which man, on his own, could never realize or discover.

The book of Revelation is the final work of the New Testament and the Revelation of Jeus Christ which details world history from the time of John (the Early Church Age) to eternity. It constitutes God's last special revelation to mankind this side of Heaven. Simply put, Bible prophecy and Revelation are history written in advance of it's occurrence.

They form God's description of future facts and events. Such prophecy is absolutely trustworthy simply because God is omnicient. He knows all things, whether they be actual or merely possible, and He knows them perfectly from all eternity. God is not bound by time constraints and if we could possible begin to understand the fact that God is past, present and future all at once. Acts 15:18 states: Known unto God are all His works from the beginning of the world. Thus, the Almighty is able to fully and accurately describe the future in advance of its actual occurrence.

Although current events reflect exactly the conditions stated in apocalyptic Scripture there is comparatively little prophetic teaching and preaching taking place in the "latter days" that we are all witness to. This probably due to the fact that this field of endeavor involves a great amount of research and study (see 2 Timothy 2:15-16). I myself, the more I study the more I realize how little I know and this endeavor will be a combined work of many of my years taking notes in college and continued study during the course of my ministry as a teacher and pastor.

Millions would prefer not to have prophecy explained to them because they would rather live by the world's standards and it's dictates. As individuals who are seeking satisfaction and rewards in this life, they are obviously not anxiously anticipating Christ's return and cannot be obedient to pray for the soon appearing of our Saviour, "Come now sweet Jesus and take me home!"

As we walk through this study of Revelation together, I want everyone to remember that this endeavor to study together has been given to reveal God's truth, not conceal it; and to clarify God's eternal purpose, not mystify it. I trust that, as a result of this study course, each of us will gain a clear understanding of the blessed truths the Book of Revelation contains.

May my efforts be a beacon to alert those who study it that Jesus is coming soon!

In "HIS" Service
Rev. D.C. Jackson

All scripture quoted is from the King James Version of the Bible unless otherwise stated.

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