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This page is dedicated to other studies that have been completed since "Revelation Unveiled".  We recommend "Kingdom Parables" as a companion study to "Revelation Unveiled".

We have recently added "Doctrines of the Bible" which covers God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and His mission on earth, The Devil, Hell, and Heaven. Also, you will find one of the most downloaded studies we have posted; "New Convert Study: Living the Christian Life".

Just added, The Christian Life, A Seven Lesson Study on Christianity as a Way of Life.  We find ourselves becoming stagnated in our Christian life.  Many Christians are not growing spiritually simply because they fail to study God's word, fail to commune with God in prayer, and fail to listen to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  Check back for "Stage Two:  Living the Christian Life".

The most controversial article written in recent years is also included.  We've had much opposition to the article titled, "Halloween: Can We As Christians Celebrate?".  We sent this article out to over 500 pastors.  From the feedback we received it is obvious that many do not wish to receive the truth regarding God's warnings, we as believers, have received from God. We are to "come out from among the world" and its non-sacred celebrations.

In summary, we challenge all who read these studies to share them with others.  These studies stand on their own merit. Check back often because we are constantly completing studies and upon their completion, study and trial, they will be uploaded to the site.

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